Air-Launched Weapons

The PLA operates a diverse mix of indigenously manufactured and imported Russian air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, anti-ship missiles, and precision guided munitions.

Air-to-Air Missiles

Designation     Type       Guidance             Origin           Introduction
PL-2            SRAAM      IR                   China            1970s
PL-5            SRAAM      IR                   China            1980s
PL-6            SRAAM      IR                   China            1980s
PL-8            SRAAM      IR                   China            1990s
PL-9            SRAAM      IR                   China            1990s
PL-10           SRAAM      IIR                  China            2010s
PL-11           MRAAM      Semi-active radar    China            1990s
PL-12           MRAAM      Active radar         China            2000s
PL-15           MRAAM      Active radar         China            In development
PL-90/TY-90     SRAAM      IR                   China            2000s
R-27            MRAAM      Semi-active radar    Russia           1992
R-73            SRAAM      IR                   Russia           1992
R-77            MRAAM      Active radar         Russia           2002

Air-to-Surface / Anti-Ship Missiles

Designation     Type       Guidance             Origin           Introduction
Kh-29T          LACM       TV                   Russia           2002
Kh-59ME         LACM       TV                   Russia           2002
KD-10           ATGM       MMW                  China            2010s
KD-20           LACM       TERCOM+INS           China            2000s
KD-63           LACM       TV/IR                China            2000s
KD-88           LACM       TV/IR                China            2000s
KD-9            ATGM       MMW                  China            2010s
YJ-12           ASCM       Radar                China            2010s
YJ-6 (C-601)    ASCM       Radar                China            1980s
YJ-8K           ASCM       Radar                China            1980s
YJ-83K          ASCM       Radar/IR             China            2000s
YJ-9            ASCM       Radar                China            2010s
YJ-91           ARM        Anti-radiation       China/Russia     2000s

Precision Guided Munitions

Designation     Type       Guidance             Origin           Introduction
LS-500J (LT-2)  PGM        Laser                China            2000s
KAB-1500KR      PGM        TV                   Russia           2000s
KAB-500KR       PGM        TV                   Russia           2000s

Last updated: 1 January 2017