Strategic and Theatre Missiles

The PLA has maintained a small force of land- and sea-based nuclear ballistic missiles, and the world’s largest inventory of conventionally-armed medium- and short-range ballistic missiles and land-attack cruise missiles.

Class Range Warhead Introduced Status
DF-1 (‘1059’) SS-2 ‘Sibling’ SRBM 590 km HE, single 1960 Retired
DF-2 CSS-1 MRBM 960 km HE, single 1964 Retired
DF-2A CSS-1 Mod-1 MRBM 1,200 km Nuclear, single 1966 Retired
DF-3 CSS-2 MRBM 2,660 km Thermal nuclear, single 1966 Retired
DF-3A CSS-2 Mod-1 MRBM 2,810 km Thermal nuclear/HE, single 1985 Operational
DF-4 CSS-3 IRBM 4,760 km Thermal nuclear, single 1977 Operational
DF-5 CSS-4 ICBM 12,020 km Thermal nuclear, single 1980 Retired
DF-5A CSS-4 Mod-1 ICBM 13,030 km Thermal nuclear, single 1993 Operational
DF-5B CSS-4 Mod-2 ICBM ? Thermal nuclear, MIRV 2014? Operational
DF-10 LACM 1,500 km Conventional 2009 Operational
DF-10A LACM 1,500 km Conventional 2015 Operational
DF-11A (M-11) CSS-7 SRBM 280–350 km Conventional 1999 Operational
DF-15 (M-9) CSS-6 SRBM 600 km Conventional 1995 Operational
DF-15B CSS-6 Mod-2 SRBM ? Conventional 2009 Operational
DF-15C CSS-6 Mod-3 SRBM ? Conventional ? Operational
DF-16 CSS-11 SRBM 800–1,000 km Conventional 2014? Operational
DF-21 CSS-5 MRBM 1,810 km Thermal nuclear, single 1988 Operational
DF-21B CSS-5 Mod-2 MRBM 2,700 km HE, single 1996? Operational
DF-21C CSS-5 Mod-3 MRBM 2,700 km HE, single 2007? Operational
DF-21D CSS-5 Mod-4 ASBM 2,000 km HE, single 2010 Operational
DF-26 IRBM 3,000 km+ Thermal nuclear/HE, single 2015? Operational
DF-26B IRBM ? ? 2017 Operational
DF-31 CSS-9 ICBM 8,000 km Thermal nuclear, single 2002 Operational
DF-31A CSS-9 Mod-2 ICBM 10,700 km Thermal nuclear, single 2008 Operational
DF-41 CSS-X-10 ICBM 13,000 km? Thermal nuclear, MIRV Development
JL-1 CSS-N-3 SLBM 1,170 km Thermal nuclear, single 1988 Retired
JL-1A CSS-N-3 Mod-2 SLBM 2,500 km Thermal nuclear, single 2002? Operational
JL-2 CSS-NX-14 SLBM ~8,000 km Thermal nuclear, MIRV? 2015 Operational

Last updated: 12 May 2017