Liaoning conduct cross-regional training The Chinese state news agency Xinhua has released TV images of PLA Navy aircraft carrier Liaoning in a “cross-regional training”, after leaving its homeport in Qingdao about a week ago. The aircraft carrier will visit Hong Hong later this week for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to … Continue reading Liaoning conduct cross-regional training

Type 001 aircraft carrier Liaoning

China purchased the unfinished ex-Soviet Navy aircraft carrier Varyag from Ukraine in 1998 and finally received the vessel in 2002. After some extensive refurbishments at the Dalian Shipyard in northern China, the vessel was commissioned into the PLA Navy in September 2012 as Liaoning, with hull number ‘16’ and the class name Type 001. The … Continue reading Type 001 aircraft carrier Liaoning